Peter’s Pocket

M   ney Problem

Peter’s Pocket
Money Problem

A playful, low stake & intentional way to teach kids to steward the invisible things like money that influence them!

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Your Very Own Budget Sheet Included!

Apply what you have learnt right away and achieve your financial goals!

Make learning fun with Flashcard's!!

Put what you have learnt to the test with our flashcards. No peaking at the answer's.

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Free Invisible Pen with all orders!!!

It's only right given you've enrolled onto The Invisible Curriculum, that we give you your own invisible pen!

Take your learning beyond reading!!!!

Each book comes with a gift of £5 from us as a symbol of our commitment to you. Your adventure begins now!

Join Peter on a budgeting adventure! Peter learns about managing money with the help of his friends. A fun tale to inspire young readers to take control of their finances and achieve their goals.

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a gift flash from peter's money